Notarius Publicus

Assistant Notary Public in Karlskrona och Ronneby
municipalities is lawyer Karl Hamstedt.

1 Notary Public

1.1 A Notary Public assists members of the public by:

    • Attesting signatures, transcripts, translations and other details about the content of documents.
    • Attending as a witness in certain cases (for example, in respect of tender procedures).
    • Supervising lottery draws, etc.
    • Confirming that someone is authorised to do certain things or that someone is competent or in a position to represent someone.
    • Issuing ‘apostilles’ (a certificate under Article 6, first paragraph of the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 regarding abolishing the requirement of legalisation for foreign public documents).
    • After checks or investigations, providing an account of her/his observations.

1.2 A Notary Public is not obliged to:

    • Effect service of documents
    • Translate documents

2. Office Appointment

2.1 By appointment


3. Assignments

3.1 Legalise signature(s)

    • Documents where signatures are to be witnessed must be signed at our offices. The person(s) signing the document must therefore attend our offices in person and produce valid identification papers. See under the heading ‘Valid identification papers’.

3.2 Legalisation of photocopies

    • In cases where copies have to be attested, the original document must be brought to the office. We will take a copy of this document.

3.3 Legalisation of adoption documents

    • When attesting adoption documents, these documents must be brought in to our offices. It will take between one and three days to process these documents. Bring these documents along when you visit, together with the instructions normally provided by the adoption agency.

3.4 Legalising the signature of an authorised signatory

    • In order to be able to attest an authorised signatory, a register extract from the Swedish Companies Registration Office must be brought along, showing the authorisation of the authorised signatory. We can also produce register extracts for a fee.

3.5 Legalisation of certain powers of attorney, life certificates and affidavits

    • Some powers of attorney, affidavits and similar documents contain information about the person conferring the power of attorney that must be attested by a Notary Public. In these cases, you must bring supporting documents along with you verifying the information shown in the power of attorney or document. These could be, for instance, your passport or an extract from the Swedish Tax Agency.

4. Apostille

4.1 According to an international agreement, an apostille can be issued for documents that need to be produced in another country covered by the Convention. An apostille stamp exempts a document from all forms of attestation. This means that the approval of a foreign ambassador is not normally required. Only Notaries Public have been able to issue apostilles in Sweden since 1 January 2005.

4.2 Examples of documents that can issued with an apostille immediately:

    • Documents issued by government authorities (e.g. the Swedish Tax Agency, the Swedish Companies Registration Office, the Swedish Road Administration, the Medical Products Agency and the National Board of Health and Welfare)
    • Register extracts (e.g. copies of birth certificates and extracts from the criminal records)
    • Court documents (e.g. divorce issued by a district court)
    • Grades/certificates from universities, higher education institutions, municipal schools (not independent schools)
    • Documents signed by a Notary Public
    • Documents signed by the Swedish Trade Federation
    • Translations by an authorised translator (appointed by the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency)
    • Extracts from the birth and marriage registers

4.3 Each document issued with an apostille must be provided with the following:

    • The original stamp from the issuing authority, clearly stating the name of the authority
    • The signature and printed name of the person who issued the stamp for the document
    • The position of the person at the authority

5. Valid identification papers

5.1 We accept Swedish and foreign passports, Swedish driving licences and Swedish SIS-marked ID cards. Identification papers must be valid. We consequently do not accept foreign ID cards, driving licences or the like.

6. Prices

6.1 Prices for our most common services are provided below (all prices include VAT):

    • Legalisation of a signature on a document – SEK 250
    • Legalisation of two signatures on a document – SEK 300
    • Legalisation of the name and authorisation of an authorised signatory on a document – SEK 400
    • Legalisation of the names and authorisation of two authorised signatories on a document – SEK 475
    • Legalisation of a photocopy (on presentation of the original) – SEK 250
    • Attestation/Affidavit – SEK 500
    • Apostille – SEK 500

6.2 Services provided outside the office shall be charged per hour.

Please contact us for other prices.